Wednesday Jack is in the sun

And has a lovely sunny smile, too!

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Wednesday Jack is wet

It's fall, it's raining and Jack is wet... yay!

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#Castle scoop

From EW’s Spoiler Room:

Are we done with the Bracken storyline on Castle? — John
If I had to guess, I’d say not so much. Showrunner David Amann says that although most of the storytelling surrounding Beckett’s mom is done, there is a “Bracken-related storyline that presents later in the season.” “We like Bracken as a character,” he says. “We think he’s an interesting person to access and there may be a reason moving forward to go back to him again.” Now the question is: Does it have to do with Castle’s disappearance?

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Jack Coleman on #BurnNotice

And also with very short hair XD.
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Wednesday Jack has a mask

After Halloween and the elections, I thought this would work...

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