Mar. 14th, 2014

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Jack played Reverend Jim Logan in his last tv appearance, in CSI 's "Love for Sale". But now his name is listed in "Salvation", a new NBC pilot. Let´s cross fingers!

Jack on IMDB!

"Salvation was announced in January, and billed as a “Texas mega-church drama” from the folks who brought you Camp, if you ever saw that. Here’s how the release from the Dallas Film Commission describes it:

When the pastor of a congregation dies, the matriarch of the Strickland family (Judd) rallies to keep the family together in this show about faith, family and all the complications that come with both. Stark Sands, a Dallas native, will play the eldest son Paul Strickland. … Sands was most recently nominated for a 2013 Tony Award for Best Leading Actor in a Musical for Kinky Boots.

Meg Steedle plays the eldest daughter, Lilly. Emma Dumont and Jake Picking play the Strickland’s other teenage children. Another Texan, Warren Kole, plays an ex-convict and radical preacher.”


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